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Pousun Maja

Pousun Maja:
5+1 person. About 50 m2

Fully powered cabin with indoor water line. Indoor bathroom(no shower), electric stove, good kitchen tableware, tv, fridge, freezer, microwave oven, fireplace, boat. Beach sauna, where the water is carried to from the lake or the yard well. Also has an outdoor toilet.

Käsivarrentie 11818, 99490 Kilpisjärvi

Information and reservations:
040 549 4372.

Pousun Maja is spacious, recently renovated cabin located right at the shore of Pousujärvi. The cabin has a main room with kitchen where there is sleeping space for one. Two 2-person bedrooms and a indoor bathroom. The yard can be accessed by car year-around. The cabin is located in a old lappish village, so reindeers may be seen near the cabin year-around and there might be reindeer herding related work done nearby.

The cabin is a own-reserve-cabin, so the tenant must clean the cabin per the instructions upon leaving. Pets are also welcome to the Pousun Maja. The nearest neighbour is 500 meters away. The nearest shop can be found in Kilpisjärvi which is about 28 kilometers away. Karesuvanto is about 75 kilometers from Pousujärvi. Couple of kilometers from the cabin there is the Peera trekking-center, from where there are ski-ing routes and trekking paths to the fells. Peera has the option for eating.

Pricing day / week
Normal price 95 / 570 €
Weeks 42 – 8, Lowered price 80 / 480 €
Weeks 13 – 18, Spring season 120 / 720 €